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Toyota City aims to create an international city.

Toyota City is home to 13,316 foreign residents (as of February 1, 2015) hailing from nearly seventy countries-many from Brazil and China. As businesses-particularly the auto production industry-actively expand overseas, many overseas visitors and Japanese returnees come to Toyota City, resulting in a city that can truly be called international. Toyota City aims to create an environment where foreign residents and visitors can live peacefully and comfortably-a city open to the world.

Toyota Global Square

Toyota Global Square opened in 2007. The square is a space of approximately 900m2 separated by few walls, creating an environment that allows visitors to interact naturally. The square also features a giant 103-inch hi-definition screen and a stage. Foreign residents of Toyota City hold a “National Day” where they can introduce their home countries on the Exposition of Global Harmony Memorial Stage. The Toyota Global Square is also popular among residents as hub for international information, with a library and newspaper and magazine corner.

Toyota Global Square

Japanese Language Learning Support System for Toyota City

As a result of joint efforts among Nagoya University, local residents and other entities, a program called "Japanese Language Learning Support System for Toyota City" was implemented in order to provide foreigners the opportunity to acquire basic Japanese language knowledge and skills. The program consists of setting up Japanese language courses, provision of administrative support, among others.Many supporting activities are conducted such as provision of temporary instructors, introduction and dispatch of volunteers, design of curriculum, provision of educational materials, assessment of Japanese language proficiency, etc. Local residents and co-workers participate in classes as Japanese language partners and teach Japanese to students in an easy and comprehensive way. Foreigners can easily learn Japanese through discussions in a close and friendly relationship with their language partners. Students can also learn Japanese alphabets (Hiragana and Katakana) and practice Japanese conversation using self-learning educational materials available in the computers connected to the Internet.

Japanese Language Learning Support System for Toyota City

Sister City Relationship: Four Districts in Two Countries with an Automobile Theme

Photo:Commemorating twinning links(April 1961)
Commemorating twinning links(April 1961)

Detroit and Toyota City are sister cities that share a “Motor City” theme. Detroit presented Toyota City with an Amur Tiger in 1979 and a pair of south Canadian cranes in 1983 as a gesture of goodwill. Toyota City in turn bestowed 1,000 cherry trees to Detroit in 1982, followed by 10 Japanese monkeys in 1984. The two cities currently run an exchange program for high school students every other year. 2015 will be the 55th anniversary of this relationship.

Detroit (USA) Sister city since September 21, 1960 Population: 689,000 (as of 2013)

These three regions began a Twinning city relationship with Toyota City when Toyota Motor Corporation established a local affiliate in South Derbyshire District. The northern portion of Derbyshire County is mountainous, while the southern part contains hills and wide-open fields ideal for grain production and manufacturing. Derby City is the largest city in this area. It prospered early as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. South Derbyshire District is known for its lush green plains and gently rolling hills. This area is dotted with the estates of the earls and dukes that call it home. In 2013, both sides held an artists’ exchange to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their relationship; the Derbyshire Youth Wind band made a visit to Toyota City and the Toyota City Boys and Girls choir was sent to Derbyshire.”And both side have held children’s Meeting in Toyota City and exchanged in industrial areas since 2013.”

Derbyshire County, Derby City, South Derbyshire District (United Kingdom) Twinning city since November 16, 1998

Population: Derbyshire County 776,000, Derby City 251,000, South Derbyshire District 97,000 (all as of 2013)

Photo:Children’s meeting in Toyota City(October 2013)
Children’s meeting in Toyota City(October 2013)